Krupp’s Novelty Shop is full of great surprises! We are one of the largest concrete businesses in the state of Michigan, so we have everything from angels to birdbaths. Located beside are some pictures of our great products, but there is so much to see it would be impossible to get it all so stop on in and check us out!

  • Steps!

    (810) 621-3752

  • Gargoyles

    Your husband called, he said he wanted a gargoyle to protect his yard. Gargoyles range from small to huge. Call for prizes!

  • Good God!

    Want a statue of a god or goddess? Well we have them and they're life size!

  • A special military gift for Someone Special!

    Check out our military display!

  • The Deer are here!

    We have deer ranging from palm size to life size! We have some painted and unpainted. We paint to your likings!

  • Angels!

    Variety of Angels.More Pictures Located in the more tab!

  • Cultural Items!

  • Frogs!

  • Windchimes!

  • Support your team!

  • Large Lions!

  • Lava Planter!

  • Pedestals!

  • Mexican and Western!

  • Interchangeable Birdbath Tops and Bottoms!

  • Large Planters!

  • Basket Planters!

    We have many different size basket planters from 5 foot tall to just over a foot tall

  • Lanterns!

    (810) 621-3752

  • Seagulls!

    (810) 621-3752

  • Patio Stones!

    (810) 621-3752

  • Cherished Teddies!

    (810) 621-3752

  • Large Wind chimes!

    (810) 621-3752

  • Resin Fountains!

    (810) 621-3752

  • Clay Pot Fountain!

    (810) 621-3752

  • Aluminum Items!

    (810) 621-3752